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Every human being begins life as a single cell, a fertilized egg. When he becomes adult his body consistis of about a hundred trillion cells.

Each oh those cells functions like a walled city. Power plants ( or powerhouses) generate the cell's energy. Factories produce proteins, vital units of chemical commerce. Complex transportation systems guide specific chemicals from point to point within the cell and beyond. Sentries control the export and import markets, and watch the outside world for signs of danger. Disciplined biological armies stand ready to fight invaders. A centralized genetic government maintains order.

( Adepted from " The secrets of the human cell" , an article in Neewsweek)


Human being=  ser humano

walled city= uam cidade fortificada

Power plants= usinas elétricas

and beyond= e além

sentries= sentinelas

signs of danger= sinais de perigo

armies = exércitos


  1. How does a human being begin life?
  2. What does an adult human body consist of?
  3. How the those cell function?
  4. Tle cell menbrane functions like a sentry. What does it do?



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