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Charles de Gaulle (1890 - 1970), French general and president, was very popular, almost a hero to most frenchmen (including to himself).

In 1965 there was a plebiscite in France and the great majority of the French people approved of the way General de Gaulle was governing the country.

One of the Gaulle's ministers was surprised at the results and hurried to tell the general the good news.

" My God, you have won by almost 90% !" the minister exclaimed.

De Gaulle smiled and replied, " Just call me Mon General. There's no need to exaggerate"


hero= herói

way= modo, maneira

country= país

surprised at= surpreso com

hurried= apressou-se

God= Deus

almost= quase

need= precisou

smiled= sorriu


  1. The french people liked and admired Charles de Gaulle (    )
  2. In 1965 there was a revolution in France (    )
  3. De Gaulle won the 1965 plebiscite by a small majority (    )
  4. The minister was slow to tell the general the bad news (    )




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