• so and neither
  • vocabulary: the American breakfast
  • present continuous review
  • daily activities
  • expressing opinions
  • vocabulary: the street and the road signs
  • going to: immediate future review
  • the American activities
  • to be past continuous
  • vocabulary: emotions, feelings and symptoms
  • connecting sentences ( who)
  • there is/ are/ was /were
  • giving directions. How can I get to the...?
  • vocabulary: places in town
  • connecting sentences (wich)
  • do/does review
  • vocabulary: clothing, colors, fashion
  • connecting sentences ( that)
  • modal verbs review
  • vocabulary: weather and the USA map
  • possessive pronouns review
  • vocabulary: foods
  • present perfect
  • vocabulary: places around the world
  • confirming questions
  • American English x British English
  • present perfect II
  • shall review
  • Do you like? Do you mind? Wich do you prefer?



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