• regular and irregular verbs
  • to be past review
  • to be good at
  • to apply for a job/ to ge a job/ to hire/ to fire/ to quit/ weel-paid/ low-paid/ employed/ unemployed/ unenployement
  • to be interested in ...something or somebody
  • to be proud of
  • to get on/off
  • to get in/out
  • to take a day off
  • yo get tired/ to get bored/ to get sick/ to get angry with/ to get embarassed/ to get excited about
  • Do you mind if...
  • going to review
  • well-known / little-known
  • all over
  • by the way
  • as soon as
  • I wonder if
  • going to x will
  • feel like
  • to sound/ look
  • sense o humor/ moody/ to be in the mood for
  • before going/ after going
  • the alphabet/ spelling names
  • adjectives review
  • looks like
  • occupations
  • frequency adverbs II
  • dates and numbers
  • have got x there is / are
  • how much/many/used to
  • to order
  • to be used to
  • some and any instead of/ while
  • prepositions: in/on/at
  • if clauses/ enough


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